2024 Russian Tire and Rubber Industry Exhibition

2024/04/16 11:14:00

From April 15th to 18th, the 2024 Russian Tire and Rubber Industry Exhibition opened grandly in Moscow. The exhibition is the only tire and rubber manufacturing and trade exhibition in Russia. It is highly professional and has a wide coverage, attracting more than 300 exhibitors. Yuelong Tire actively participated in the exhibition with its main brands Constancy, Carleo and Aonaite.

Since last year, Yuelong Tire has had frequent contact with Russian customers and its exports have increased. The reason is that the company has worked hard to improve product quality and service levels, and added some new parrerns, such as TrueGrip3 and Ecosmart73, to better seize this historic opportunity.

Although the time conflict between this exhibition and the Kazakhstan Tire Exhibition caused the diversion of some customers from Central Asia, Yuelong Tire still attracted customers from countries including Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan with its strong brand appeal. Through communication and negotiation with customers, Yuelong team can better grasp the trends in the tire field and deepen its ties with the market, thus further enhancing its influence in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.