UT Steel Cord 2020/08/28 11:25:58

1.Highly effective adhesion of steel cord with rubber. 2.Excellent corrosion resistance and anti-fouling performance. 3.The best load resistance and the highest retreading. 4.Providing safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly experience. 5.Strengthening the carcass and preventing the driving tyre from distortion. 6.Improved durability, rolling resistance reduction and total cost of ownership reduction.

RBC:Reinforced Bead &Carcass 2020/08/28 11:18:02

1.Reinforced bead allows better resistance to impacts. 2.Robust carcass provides maximum load-bearing capacity. 3.Application of intensive carcass wire material, improvement of load resistance and more retreading.

RDN: Reinforced Double Nylon 2020/08/28 10:53:06

1.Double nylon reinforce technology ensure the load capacity of bead and guarantee the advantage for long haul. 2.Higher inside and outside reinforcing lines end points effectively strengthen the bead and increase the spacing of two tyres, better for heat losing. Soft rubber core is for better buffer performance of the bead.

LHG-Sub Rubber: Low heat generation Sub Rubber 2020/08/10 17:00:28

1.Heat generation of tread crown is low,which decrease the fault rate of tyre crown and shoulder. 2.It has the advantages of good buffer performance,better wear resistance and less bulging and U explosion.

100% BBR: Brominated Butyl Rubber 2020/08/10 15:32:33

1.We use 100% Brominated Butyl Rubber to replace the old natural rubber and butyl rubber compound to decrease the fault rate of inner external crack and inner liner broken by 95% and improving the air-tightness and strength of inner lining.

4-L SBS: Four-Layer Steel Belt Structure 2020/05/14 11:44:56

1.Our four-layer steel belt structure technology is same to Bridgestone. Widened running surface and more even grounding to avoid eccentric wear. 2.Low rolling resistance formula and better carcass can reduce rolling resistance during driving and effectively reduce fuel consumption.