China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire Exhibition was successfully held. Yuelong Tyre Group leads the trend.

2024/05/16 17:35:00

On May 15, 2024, the China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire Exhibition grandly opened in Guangrao. As one of the most highly anticipated exhibitions in the industry, the event attracted numerous exhibitors and visitors worldwide. Yuelong Tyre Group became the highlight of the first day with its innovative products and spectacular performances.

At this exhibition, Yuelong Tyre Group prominently showcased its two new patterns: TrueGriP 2 of 11R22.5 and TrueGriP 3 of 315/80R22.5, which drew a large number of visitors with their superior performance and innovative design.The 11R22.5 tire is specifically designed for the Canadian and Mexican markets, suitable for long-distance transportation with strong load-bearing capacity. Its aesthetically pleasing design and excellent saturation garnered widespread praise and inquiries from attendees. In addition, 9.5R17.5, 235/75R17.5, 385/55R22.5, 385/65R22.5 were also displayed.

Exhibitors and visitors from various regions showed keen interest in Yuelong Tyre Group's new products, inquiring about product details and discussing cooperation opportunities. Through this exhibition, Yuelong Tyre Group not only showcased its leading technology and innovation in tire manufacturing but also strengthened its connections and cooperation with the international market. Yuelong Tyre Group will continue to focus on product development and market expansion, providing global customers with higher quality tire products and services.