During 26th-28th June, Yuelong Tire Group attended the 10th Panama International Tyre show

2019/06/20 14:34:00

This time, Yuelong Tire Group has brought its highest technology product for South America to the show, pattern name are DM58, DM55 and CD33 and so on.

These key patterns not only shows its coverage for demanding local market, meeting various needs wherever on the highway or off the road, but also have provided a reliable quality and performance in local and nearby markets with very affordable price. In fact, to produce high cost-performance and quality tyres has always been the actions of Yuelong Tire Group. Thanks to our customers, Yuelong Tire Group had a very successful exhibition in PANAMA.

As an important tyre market, South America is a place yet fully discovered. Seeing the potential, YUELONG TIRE GROUP is making every efforts to develop new patterns for South America. With the excellent financial support, Yuelong Tire Group will continuously develop new patterns and increase the production capacity to match South America market.

For more information, please contact: info@yuelonggroup.net