Analysis of Tyre Inside Problems

2020/05/26 15:31:03

Analysis of Tyre Problems  Ⅴ Inside the Tyre

1. Bulging inside the Tyre

Symptoms: In the case of no trauma, bulging appeared inside the tire (mainly referring to the delamination between the inner liner and the transition layer, the inner liner and the carcass), pressed softly and it has a feeling of rebound.

Causes: ① Inadequate adhesion among parts; water or bubbles among parts; frost on the surface of parts. 

              ② The vehicle runs at high speed under high load, and the heat generation accelerates the expansion of the bubbles.

Liability attribution: Manufacturing/Performance issues.

2. Exposed Wires

Symptoms:Inside the tyre( near the shoulder), the arrangement of the partial carcass cords can be seen clearly. The inner liner is broken along the leaking line, and the “U”explosion happens on the sidewall.

Causes:① Partial shift of the wedge during manufacture.

             ② Oversize wedge joints or uneven thickness after stretching.

             ③ The tyre has been used under high pressure for a long time, and the inner liner is squeezed outward from the carcass cord under high pressure.

Liability attribution: Manufacturing issues.

3. Internal Cracks


Symptoms:Inside the tyre, the endpoints of the reinforced layer is delaminating from the carcass, or the phenomenon of swelling and cracking occurs. The endpoints of the reinforced layer are regular.

Causes:① Relatively insufficient air pressure.

             ② Overload.

             ③ There were oil, dust and other impurities in reinforced layer.

             ④ Each parts did not press tightly.

Liability attribution: Manufacturing/Performance issues.

4. Cracks on the Top

Symptoms: Radial cracks appear inside the tyre, and the interface is in a tearing state. In severe cases, a "U" explosion will happen on the outside of the tyre.

Causes:① Tyre was hit by obstacles directly.

             ② The crown was crushed.

             ③ The crown of the tyre in an overload state is instantly deformed too much when passing through grooves, pits, etc.

Liability attribution: Usage problems.

5. Low Air Pressure inside the Tyre and Crushing

Symptoms:The inner liner of the tyre has a delamination or rubber peeling phenomenon along the circumferential direction.

Causes:① Driving with low air pressure.

             ② The tyre pressure does not match the load.

             ③ The double tyres’ pressure is inconsistent.

Liability attribution: Usage problems.

6. Repairing with Rubber Pad

Symptoms: The tyre is repaired with rubber pads for penetration of the inside.

Causes: The crown is pierced by sharp objects in driving. In order to continue to use it, the tyre was repaired with a rubber pad.

Liability attribution: Usage problems.

7. Patch with Fire

Symptoms:The rubber on the sidewall is obviously different, and it is accompanied by the plate printing of the fire patch.

Causes:In order to continue to use the tyre, the damaged sidewall is revulcanized. Patch with fire affects the overall stress of the tyre and indirectly causes other problems.

Liability attribution: Usage problems.